the technology

Using a combination of technologies hosted on a cloud environment, users are able to access secure encrypted data from any device and/or have data pushed to their device

GO Mobile


Allows users to actively capture data securely in the field, on smartphone or tablet, utilising pre-designed forms and workflows, that capture and store (in the cloud) essential business information.


Utilising the latest android operating system, for smartphone and tablets, users are able to capture various types of data using the mobile application, relating to their role,

simply and intuitively.


Applications are presented plainly, with no fuss, enabling swift execution of business led processes.


Validation ensures mandated data is captured, always.


The mobile application utilises the cool components of android relating to the following mobile technologies:



NFC | Mobile Printing | Digital Signature | GPS Tagging | Off-line capability 

Photo Capture | Data Validation | Touch screen



All the applications we have developed can be delivered to iOS, but Andriod is our first choice, for the types of industries our customers work in. 

GO Dashboard Web


Our Business Intelligence tool, gives the user a live dashboard view via a simple web browser, of the key performance indicators within your own business.


This is completely configurable by individuals role or management levels.


The tool will present data in a graphical format, has built in filters to drill-down to detail, enables data to be exported and has interactive maps, to see data captured geographically.


GO Back Office


Enables a user or administrator to access all the raw data collected by field/mobile personnel, via a simple web browser. Reports are generated and pushed to users or clients business systems, for convenience.


Web access to the GO Back Office environment, gives you the freedom to simply access all your data and the administration console, through a simple brower.




  • User profiles & system administration
  • System Data extract
  • System settings
  • PDF reports
  • Excel Data
  • GPS locational tracking
  • Auto email configuration
  • Data anlaylitics
  • Upload data protocol

GO Web


The GO Web application enables users to enter and retrieve data using web access portal to the back office data sets, for expediency, simplicity and control.


The simplicity of the GO Web application, running on any simple web browser, enables any user to have the mobile application form on their desktop, if required.


Large volume data, can be managed and updated automatically to the mobile platform.

GO Dashboard Mobile


Delivers 'real-time' data statistics on the mobile device, on what information is being captured in the field, and more importantly, what is not being captured in the field.


Completely configurable, to present most of the data held in the cloud environment.


We already have pre-configured dashboards, based on the individual roles, presenting them with data, relevant to their work activities.


Colour coding provides a simple visual indication, when tasks or data is outstanding.







API (Application Programming Interface)


Any of the data or predefined reports can be passed automatically, based on API rules and the specific requirements of any business


We currrently pass PDF and Excel reports into content management systems, and where the taxonomy(folder structure) does not exisit, this can be created on the fly


Software development


We believe the secret to agile software development, is to ensure you understand fully, the 'user story'...


  • As a....(role)
  • I need/want...(feature)
  • So that...(benefit)

Our solid experience in the field of application design and development in a mPaaS and SaaS environment provides clients with an 'off-the-shelf ready' suite of products, customisation or development, from concept to completed app.


By choosing our team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and availability throughout your projects.You can be sure that together we will develop applications that will build on your success.

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