Our People

Customer Success Managers

Our eternal optimists!

Our customer success managers are driven by your success, they have no targets, only a single mandate - to deliver maximum success for the customer, through deep understanding of the customer vision, planning diligence and delivery detail.

Business Analysts

Our deep thinkers! 

They want to understand your business, and ask questions, lots of questions, which tend to start with Why?


They excel at adding value and removing waste from any process.


Our vision convertors!

They write code with the creative flair of an artist and the effectiveness of a forensic scientist.


And sometimes they use magic...

Customer Support

Our problem solvers!

Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd support team are dedicated to issue resolution and preventative care.


Most of the time our applications work, but when they don't quite function as you would like, our support team are on hand to help.


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Our motivators! 

Our training teams deliver engaging and supportive application training, to ensure the user is both confident and comfortable using the applications.


They are happiest when users become masters of the apps.

Sales/Account Managers

Our biggest promoters!

Our Sales/Account Managers have the primary task of sharing the success stories of our business.


Winning and preserving customers along the way.


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