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AppGO deliver fully integrated mobile applications, as a FORS Associate

If you're the kind of organisation that likes to ensure either your vehicles are comprehensively inspected, driver licenses are managed, drivers are digitally issued their daily work manifest, for moving loose bulk construction/demolition/civil engineering materials, with a digital summary of their daily activities and a complete incident report capture (occasionally), all from a mobile device, then we may have a solution for you?

How we do it...


We deliver mobile applications, utilising the latest NFC technology, cloud services, GPS tagging, off-line capability and mobile printing with simple apps, that have workflow management, comprehensive reporting and dashboards that monitor every activity.

What we do...

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Driver Licensing
  • Driver Manifest
    • Conveyance Note
    • Material Supply Ticket
    • CL:aire Note
  • Driver Daily Worksheet
  • Incident/Accident Report

Vehicle Inspection App delivers a fully compliant vehicle inspection and defect reporting workflow.


Utilising the latest NFC technology the driver must scan at least 4 NFC tag points around the vehicle, ensuring the vehicle is inspected thoroughly.


The driver is identified by their unique password controlled log on and the vehicle and type is idenitfied by scanning the first NFC tag. Inspection location is captured via GPS.


A series of vehicle check questions are presented to the driver, to accept as checked or report a defect, capturing further detail via text and/or photo capture.

Completing the form with a signature capture.


Upon capturing a defect/s, the mobile form automatically generates a PDF which is emailed instantenously to the 'Workshop Manager' as a task, to close out the defect/s.


All vehicle inspection and defect PDF reports are digitally retained in our Cloud storage and forwarded to the respective department for records management or further action.


Just one of our GO Transport suite of applications.

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